Hunting Danes

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Great Danes are a breed that was developed to hunt large game, such as boar. Although there aren’t many around today that can or are able to, I’m happy to say I’ve been blessed with a group of dogs that are capable of hunting. I don’t have any wild boar, but do have plenty of jackrabbits. They are the fastest rabbit in the USA, topping speeds of 35 mph, and unlike cotton tails, they run far and fast. When the danes jump one, it usually has several hundred feet if not more head start. The jacks do not typically go to ground when pursued. They run anywhere from 1/2 mile to a mile before disappearing in the sage brush. The dogs do a good job, but in heavy sage it’s hard for them to keep the jacks in sight. That’s why you see in this photo Biscuit jumping up, trying to see which way it’s going. If they can get them on open ground, the dogs can and do catch the rabbits. And they love to do this for hours. Although they love to hunt, they are fine with my small dachshunds and my cats. Like anything else, it’s all in the training.

danes hunting

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Nellie Messerly is a hobby breeder and AKC competitor of Harlequin Great Danes. She works very hard showing and titling her dogs in AKC events such as Obedience and Rally. The dogs are all health tested at the appropriate ages and puppies undergo ENS handling and temperament testing, as well as all health and wellness checks by a veterinarian. Having trained, judged and shown horses for 30 years, she is all about producing dogs of great health, temperament, and ease of training. Nellie spends hours each day working with her dogs and puppies, to ensure they have the best life possible, either with her or their new families.

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